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DIGIPAK® Packaging


There are few packaging designs that have the weight and feel like the DIGIPAK®. This packaging combines the best features of the cardboard wallet and the traditional plastic jewel case. Like the jewel case, it provides excellent protection by holding the disc on a clear plastic tray so that the data surface of the disc is not touching the packaging. However, being constructed of mostly card stock, it is not as fragile as the jewel case. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly design, then you may prefer one of our earth friendly options.

As a standard, we print this product full color process (CMYK) with a protective clear coat onto 15-18 point C1S SBS virgin stock (Coated 1 Side, Solid Bleached Sulfate, the industry standard non-recycled white stock). However, we can use some recycled stocks at no extra cost. The plastic trays are normally crystal clear, (call for white or black, or recycled plastic trays.) We also offer different stock treatments like uncoated, matte varnish, gloss varnish, chipboard, foil, embossing, and custom die cuts. (call for quotes or samples)

We have many other DIGIPAK® options not pictured here, and can create new designs to meet your needs. Give us a call to discuss your project.


CD DVD DigiPak DVDigiPak Digi-Pak


Some of our most popular options... PDFs are for viewing only. Please call for template.

4 panel CD Digipak

4 Panel DIGIPAK #Digi4p1t
(141x125mm / 5"x5.5")
No pocket: PDF
W/ pocket: PDF
<pocket detail>
4 panel CD Digipak

4 Panel DIGIPAK #Digi4pWp1t
(141x125mm / 5"x5.5")
Tube pocket: PDF
<tube pocket detail>
6 panel CD Digipak

6 Panel DIGIPAK #Digi6p1t
(141x125mm / 5"x5.5")
No pocket: PDF
W/ pocket: PDF
4 panel DVD Digipak

4 panel DVDIGIPAK #DVDDigi4p1t
(141x187mm / 5.44"x7.38")
No pocket: PDF
<call for pocket>
6 panel DVD Digipak

6 Panel DVDIGIPAK #RE25012
(140x188mm / 5.38"x7.38")
No pocket: PDF 
<call for pocket>

Additional designs...

4 panel Digipak 2 disc
(4 panels with two trays)
8 panel Digipak
(8panels with 1 tray on right)
8 panel DigiPak 2 disc
(8panels with 2 trays)
10 panel DigiPak


(10 panels with 4 trays)
6 panel chipboard DigiPak 3 disc
(6 panels with 3 trays)
6 panel DVD-DigiPak with pocket
(6 panels with two trays, with or without pocket)
6 panel 3 tray DVD DigiPak
(6 panels with 3 trays)
Tall DigiPak with pocket
(4 panels with 2 trays and pocket)
DVD digipak 8panels
(8 panels with 1 tray)
8 panel DVD DigiPak Multi Disc
(8 panels with 3 trays)
blu-ray digipak
#Blu-ray DIGIPAK
(137x168mm, spine: 7mm)
EPS template PDF
8 panel full color over black DigiPak
(8 panels with center tray)
2 disc digipak
(4 panels with dual-disc tray)
EPS template PDF




Earth Friendly Options...

Chipboard Digi-Pak Recycled Stocks:
We can run your DIGIPAK® wallets onto uncoated chipboard stock at a nominal extra cost. It is made from recycled stock and gives a package that super matte finish recycled look. Or, we can run your DIGIPAK® onto C1S recycled stock at no additional charge.
  eco walletsSleeves and Wallets:
Instead of using a tray, discs may be inserted into board stock wallets or sleeves. This has the dual ability to eliminate plastic packaging and also create an item that is lighter for shipping. <details>
eco packaging Eco-friendly DigiPaks:
Using materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, you can replace that plastic tray with something that is healthier for the environment. Both CD and DVD height options available. <details>
  gumballpak eco-tray digipak 2 panel dvd sleeve GumballPaks:
An eco-friendly alternative to the DigiPak. The 4mm thick card stock tray provides the structural rigidly without the non-recyclable, fragile plastic tray.

Special Effects...

Spot UV Gloss, Emboss, Deboss and Foil. A very nice way to add a subtle or striking accent to your packaging. <Call for quote>

spot uv emboss foil
  Custom Die Cut packaging: Die cuts are a powerful and creative way to customize your packaging. The additional cost is quite minimal considering the impact that you get. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.
custom die cut


DigiPak Slip Case and DigiPak sleeve Slip Cases: We can print slip cases for any of our DIGIPAK® wallet designs. They are usually manufactured with single wall thickness, however, we can also create them with double wall thickness. -Call for quotes   Recycled Digi TrayRecycled Plastic Trays:
For an upcharge, we can manufacture your packaging using recycled plastic trays. <details>


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